Portable Generator Covers

The sportsman portable generator cover is for storing a portable generator only

Covers like these are meant for storage only.

You have a brand new portable generator and you want to keep it looking good. So what is the best way to cover and protect a generator?  Many brands manufacture portable generator covers specific to their model numbers. They should NOT be used when the generator is in use or still hot. These are meant to keep your unit protected during storage from the environment as well as keep your possessions from touching the oil and residues that invariably build up on your generator.

Depending on the size of your unit, it may be cumbersome to cart it around to where you need it. Or you may have a spot for it but need to protect it from the elements. Let’s face it, when we need it in emergencies it’s often raining. We must keep the generator from exposure to moisture, especially the electrical outlets. The protective nylon cover that you may have purchased with the unit will not do the trick because it was not meant to cover while operating.

Canopy coverThe easiest option (temporary) to protect your running generator is to construct a canopy. A simple tarp over the generator (do not allow the tarp to touch the generator) can be elevated with poles. You might have the collapsible canopy type that you might use at the beach or on sunny picnics that you can use to cover your generator during the rain. The downside to these of course is that they are not stable in the wind. Wind often accompanies the rain that brought about your power outage in the first place. Read the rest of this entry