Eddard Stark wished he could get his generator ready for winter!

Eddard Stark Wished He Had a Generator!

Stay Prepared

You know you have to get your generator ready for winter storm season because you’ve heard that the upcoming winter may be a doozie.  You keep a generator in storage for just such an emergency.  You dig it out from the cluttered garage, dust it off.  Now what?

Preparing your portable generator each year should be a ritual.  We should come up with a name for it.  We have “spring cleaning”, what about “winter precautions”?  If we had a crystal ball, we could tell that an upcoming winter was going to be a bad one and could prepare.  Unfortunately we don’t.  The boy scouts said it, “Be Prepared.”

In fact, the following article should change that motto to “Stay Prepared.”  Why should we only worry about the maintenance and readiness of our portable generator before the winter storm season?  Sure that’s when most power outages occur, but when the safety and comfort of my family is concerned, I prefer to “stay prepared.” Read the rest of this entry