Use candles only in an emergency during a power outage.2017 is turning out to be a rough hurricane season.  Power outage tips are useful even in good weather.  You never know if indeed you will be the unfortunate ones to experience a prolonged power outage.  Please be prepared and be safe.

Just In Case

These power outage tips should be committed to memory.  We go from day to day, everything is normal and we just expect things to be the way they are.  Such is the case with the power that is supplied to our homes.  You fall into one of two categories.  You have have never experienced a prolonged power outage, or you have.

It’s like learning from experience.  If you’ve gone through a long power outage, you wonder why those who have not can be so lackluster about it.  You know, it is a pain.  If it is an impending pain, like an approaching storm, the only solace is that you know you are prepared for the worst.

This article lists some of the main considerations that we ALL should take care of.  Some are simple, some require more preparation.  The important thing to do is to take action.  It is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard when your family’s safety and comfort are concerned. Read the rest of this entry