How To Sell A Used Portable Generator – 6 Tips For Easy Selling

Hopefully this is not what you’re trying to sell.

There is no right or wrong way to sell a used portable generator.  How to sell a used generator is pretty straightforward.  But what you do before and after listing it for sale, can make a world of difference on how fast it will sell and the number of interested parties.  Yes you can slap a quick listing together and post it somewhere like Craigslist, but you may find that it’s not as easy as it may seem at first.


It really doesn’t matter why you are selling.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade?  Does it look like the picture above?  I hope not.  Maybe you want to change to an inverter from a standard, or vice versa.  You want to run a different fuel.  You need more power.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter because in the back of your potential buyers mind is, you want to get rid of it because something’s wrong with it.  And you should be prepared to answer many questions.

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