The a-ipower generator model sua8250e

A-iPower SUA8250E Portable Generator

The A-iPower generator is a newer entry into the portable generator arena.  The established brands better take notice.  A-iPower is known for manufacturing quality portable generators, but also such power equipment as pressure washers, water/chemical/trash pumps, and tillers.  It’s unfortunate that the company name gets all sorts of mis-identified names.  The most common is ai power or ai generators, but I’ve seen a-i power and a-i generators.  A quick web search will confirm this.

They often get confused with the brand All Power Generators.  But whatever name you call it, and however you’ve found this site, you can be certain that you’ve found a make of quality portable generators.

When studying this brand, you may find their various generator models with different prefixes.  Their newest line starts with the letters SUA.  Their original line by only SU.  You may be able to find the older models at possibly a cheaper price as dealers seek to update their inventory.  The newer versions have slight modifications, but you will be pleased with either.

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