Champion 75531i main viewThe Champion 75531i Inverter Generator is making its case to be the “go-to” inverter generator in the “must-have” home appliance category. Champion labels their units with the peak watts, in this case it can be known as the Champion 3100.  But they are further described by their model number.

The smaller 2000 watt 73536i model is reviewed on this site and the differences in features and price will play the important role as you decide which will better fit your needs.

You’ll get 2800 rated watts (3100 surge) in this model vs. the 1700 rated watts (2000 surge) in the smaller 73536i, but the latter is capable of being run in parallel with another unit, thereby giving you 3400 running watts.  The parallel attachment allows you to stack the units as well as give you an extra outlet (5L – 30R) that the larger 3100 model does not have.

There are a couple of other models available from Champion Power Equipment that adds some bells and whistles that these standard models do not have.  The 75537i is essentially this reviewed model, but comes with an electric start feature.  You might also find this reviewed model in black that has a USB port and the duplex outlets (5-20R) are upgraded GFCI.

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champion 73536i main viewThe Champion 73536i Inverter Generator just may be the best value in this inverter power range.  The popularity based on consumer reviews rivals the royalty of the inverter generators market.  The Yamaha and Honda versions of this size inverter are universally acclaimed, but the Champion Power Equipment 73536i is as well liked AND at much less the cost.

The features and benefits are what you would expect.  At 2000 watts peak power and 1700 running watts, you will be able to power most devices and tools, as well as keep the necessities running during a power outage.

Of course this is not the one that you will rely on to power your house during those emergency power failures, but this unit, like other inverter generators are famous for their other benefits.  I think as you read on, you’ll agree with me that Champion was a winner here.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from this company.  All of their portable generators are quality.

SineWaveInverter generators are the choice for powering sensitive electronic equipment, including computers and medical equipment. They deliver AC power in the form of pure sine waves which are cleaner and more reliable than most generator power sources. For supplying power to emergency medical equipment, I would consider nothing else.  Add to that, inverter generators are lighter and the quietest generators, and you can see why this generator is so popular.


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Champion 46539 main viewThe Champion 46539 made by Champion Power Equipment has several benefits over similar powered portable generators.  It has all of the features of a similar 4,000 Watt generator, but the extras make this model a popular choice even over similar powered portable Champion generators.

This Champion unit is a great choice for the outdoorsman for its remote electric start feature alone, let alone its RV Receptacle.  Its “Intelligauge” offers quick reading of not only volts, but also Hertz and operating hours.  These provide much more value than most mid-range portable generators.   And yes, this Champion generator IS CARB compliant for sale in all 50 states.


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