Sportsman GEN4000LP main view with tankThe main reason to consider the Sportsman GEN4000LP is for the fuel – liquid propane.  The vast majority of portable generators run on gasoline.  The main benefit of liquid propane is that it runs cleaner, however there are several other benefits to consider as you read on.

Although burning liquid propane burns cleaner, they still must be run with other safety considerations as they can still produce deadly Carbon Monoxide (up to 40% less) and should never be used in closed areas such as garages or basements.

This generator is not CARB compliant, however Sportsman does make a CARB compliant 7000watt model.  Made in China, these portable generators are distributed by Buffalo Tools in St. Louis, MO.  Their website is informative ( but they do not sell the public. Read the rest of this entry