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With the types and number of storms we’ve been getting, you might be looking for a new generator, or hauling out the one you’ve been storing in the garage.  Unless you already have a transfer switch, you don’t want to be caught off guard with an inadequate generator extension cord.  Make sure that it is of sufficient gauge and length for your purposes.  Remember, you must keep the running generator AWAY from any living space.  Don’t put your family in jeopardy because your cord is too short.  ALWAYS be safe.

What Are the Differences?

Coleman 100ft 15A Extension cord for generator

Standard outdoor three prong 5-15 male and female ends

Here you will find out what you need to know about extension cords for portable generators.  These are also referred to as generator cords.

How do you understand gauge wire sizes and how does it relate to the length of cord?  What’s the difference between a four prong extension cord and a three prong one?  What does AWG mean?  These are the most common question and you will find your answers on this article.

You probably have extension cords of different gauges and lengths lying around the house and in your garage.  But are they suitable for use with your portable generator?

You know that for safety and the possibility of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, you have to operate your portable generator at least 20 feet from your home and never in a basement or garage.  So if you’re using it for powering devices in your home, that means you’ll need long generator cords to run appliances in your home, right?

So why can’t any old cord do as long as the plug fits?  Should you care how long the cord is?  The answer is YES!  First, we’ll have to look at how cords are rated.  And then there are those plug configurations that we’ll need to understand.  Above all, we’ll want to insure the safety of our families and ourselves.  Ready?

If you feel the need to look at the wide variety of generator cords (and household types), there is no better location to search for just about any extension cord you could need than at Amazon.com.

Don’t expect that your local hardware or home improvement store will have a large enough selection.  You can browse when you’re ready by clicking the Amazon button, and type in some of the descriptors that you’ll be reading below:




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