What Size Portable Generator do I Need Questions and new ideas

This is a bad hurricane season.  You want to be ready so you ask yourself, “What size portable generator do I need?”
A storm like Harvey doesn’t happen very often, thank goodness.  Here at the Generator Grader, our hearts go out to all those affected by this storm of the century.
When a storm threatens, we consider our options in a power outage.  Will we be lucky again?  Or unlucky again?  Truth is, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  A portable generator is a good investment even when the weather is nice.  If you’re visiting this site for a possible emergency, or if you already own a portable generator, just remember, “Always be safe!”
To save you some time, many new generator purchasers are only interested in one that can handle their refrigerator/freezer in a power outage.  If that is you, look at one that provides at least 2000 surge watts.  Although most refrigerators require less than 1000 watts to run, when the compressor cycles on, they need the additional watts.

What size?

You’ve made a decision to get a portable generator.  Great!  A common question that I get from shoppers looking for a portable generator is, “What size portable generator do I need for home use?”  The best answer to this question is not very popular.  The answer is, “It depends”.

Many people go make their portable generator purchase and wish that they had considered all the factors first.  Let’s face it, generators are expensive and you don’t want to waste one while you purchase the one you should have bought in the first place.

Take for example two best selling generators.  The Earthquake ig800w is an 800 watt inverter generator that can only power one or two items at a time.  The equally popular Generac xg8000e is an 8000 watt generator that has enough power to hook up to your home’s power panel to supply most of your needs in a power outage.

Why one group of people think that one size is what they need and another group of people think a completely different size is what they need is why “it depends”.

For a better explanation of “it depends”, read below and take a look at the handy table which provides the estimated wattage requirements of some standard household devices and appliances.

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