generac xg8000e main viewThe Generac XG8000E is among the most popular generators in the 7000 – 10000 watt category.  The XG series along with the XP series of Generac generators are one of the few US made generators utilizing a US made engine.  This Generac unit also comes in the Generac XP8000E.  The best 8000 watt generator on the market?  You decide – I have.

In fact, the engine which Generac calls the OHVI was made specifically for the generator market rather than using cross-over lawn mower motors.  Most generators in this power output use the engines made in China, including some of the lower end Generacs.

made in americaIt is the oil delivery system that highlights this generator.  Nearly all generators utilize a splash delivery system whereas The XG series utilizes a spin on pressurized oil lubrication system like the type used in automobiles.  This and the cast iron sleeve cylinders means this generac 8000 watt generator was built to last.  You should get several years of reliable service.

You may be using this bad boy for many years to come.

Read on as I detail the many features and benefits that make this the generator of choice when you need all the power that you can get for running your household in an emergency, or as a workhouse on job sites.  Yes the price is a bit more than other generators in this power range, but you’ve heard it before, “You Get What You Pay For.”  It is my intention to provide one of the best Generac generator reviews here, as you’ll see this is the #1 8000 watt generator on the market.

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