PowerPro 56101 Review

This is the powerpro 56101 main view.The PowerPro 56101 Is a Must-Have

The Powerpro 56101 is the answer for when your power needs are specific and small. At 1000 watts and 900 running watts, you will be limited with what you can power with this unit, but for the limits on power, this is a great value for the money. At 900 watts there is 7.5Amps at 120volts.

It is important to know first off that this is a 2-stroke, single cylinder generator, meaning there is no separate oil reservoir as with the 4-stroke engines in most portable generators. You must mix the oil directly with the gasoline in this type of engine.

For a small capacity generator, this has features that outshine other models of this size, as you’ll read below.

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All Power APG3014 main viewThe All Power APG3014 is an excellent choice for a lower powered portable generator.  It is rated at 1400 running watts and 2000 starting watts.  Some might say that 1400 watts is not low power since portable generators are available in less than 1000 watts.  For purposes of this review site, versatility is key.  Although they have their uses for powering one item at a time, portable generators lower than this range typically do not have enough features to review.

This unit, however, at a lower price will give you features that you want and the versatility of a minimal power portable generator as an emergency safeguard for a power outage.  There are some features such as low oil shutoff and multiple outlets including DC that make it a wise choice.  It won’t run your entire house during an emergency but will run the necessities and be more than enough for around the house, camping and tailgating.

You get the basics in a 3 HP OHV 4-cycle gas powered engine,   Unfortunately for our friends in California, the All Power APG3014 is NOT CARB compliant and not for sale or use in California.  You can visit their website at Allpoweramerica.com.  All Power is a global company with a headquarters in North Carolina.  Distribution warehouses are located across the continent including locations in California, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Toronto Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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