PowerPro 56101 Review

This is the powerpro 56101 main view.The PowerPro 56101 Is a Must-Have

The Powerpro 56101 is the answer for when your power needs are specific and small. At 1000 watts and 900 running watts, you will be limited with what you can power with this unit, but for the limits on power, this is a great value for the money. At 900 watts there is 7.5Amps at 120volts.

It is important to know first off that this is a 2-stroke, single cylinder generator, meaning there is no separate oil reservoir as with the 4-stroke engines in most portable generators. You must mix the oil directly with the gasoline in this type of engine.

For a small capacity generator, this has features that outshine other models of this size, as you’ll read below.

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Champion 75531i main viewThe Champion 75531i Inverter Generator is making its case to be the “go-to” inverter generator in the “must-have” home appliance category. Champion labels their units with the peak watts, in this case it can be known as the Champion 3100.  But they are further described by their model number.

The smaller 2000 watt 73536i model is reviewed on this site and the differences in features and price will play the important role as you decide which will better fit your needs.

You’ll get 2800 rated watts (3100 surge) in this model vs. the 1700 rated watts (2000 surge) in the smaller 73536i, but the latter is capable of being run in parallel with another unit, thereby giving you 3400 running watts.  The parallel attachment allows you to stack the units as well as give you an extra outlet (5L – 30R) that the larger 3100 model does not have.

There are a couple of other models available from Champion Power Equipment that adds some bells and whistles that these standard models do not have.  The 75537i is essentially this reviewed model, but comes with an electric start feature.  You might also find this reviewed model in black that has a USB port and the duplex outlets (5-20R) are upgraded GFCI.

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The a-ipower generator model sua8250e

A-iPower SUA8250E Portable Generator

The A-iPower generator is a newer entry into the portable generator arena.  The established brands better take notice.  A-iPower is known for manufacturing quality portable generators, but also such power equipment as pressure washers, water/chemical/trash pumps, and tillers.  It’s unfortunate that the company name gets all sorts of mis-identified names.  The most common is ai power or ai generators, but I’ve seen a-i power and a-i generators.  A quick web search will confirm this.

They often get confused with the brand All Power Generators.  But whatever name you call it, and however you’ve found this site, you can be certain that you’ve found a make of quality portable generators.

When studying this brand, you may find their various generator models with different prefixes.  Their newest line starts with the letters SUA.  Their original line by only SU.  You may be able to find the older models at possibly a cheaper price as dealers seek to update their inventory.  The newer versions have slight modifications, but you will be pleased with either.

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Earthquake ig800w main view

A must-have household appliance?

It’s been suggested that portable generators are the next “must-have” appliance for your home.  The Earthquake IG800W inverter generator is quickly filling that bill for several reasons.

When you first hear of the brand name “Earthquake” you might wonder why.  Until you know that Earthquake Powered Chore Equipment is better known for their other products.  They are the worlds leading manufacturer of earth augers.  They also make rototillers and log splitters among other “earth” tools.  Make sense now?

Their entry into the inverter generator market is a home run!  They make only one (so far) and this is it.  This model has quickly become a consumer favorite and a best seller at Amazon (and Amazon sells tons of inverter generators).

The range of portable 1000 watt inverter generators are the popular choice for those needing portable electricity and know that they will only power up one device at a time.  The benefit of low operating noise, light weight, and the ability to charge the ever present sensitive electronics (think cell phones and tablets) makes this category the next must-have household appliance.

But like anything else, you should know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re not getting.  Read on for a detailed analysis of this new star.

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WEN 56352 main viewThe WEN 56352 is an excellent choice for a mid powered portable generator.  It is rated 3000 running watts and 3500 starting watts.  This amount of power may seem in the lower range for the price.  However the included features make up for this being in the lower end of power to price ratio.  The lower power output in this range makes this less versatile in running several devices during a power outage, but more than enough for job site needs.

You get the basics in a 7 HP OHV 4-cycle gas powered engine, but the additions make this unit value.  This WEN model 56352 gives you the option of 120/240 Volts, DC charging ability, and included wheel kit, AND you even get an hour meter, to make your maintenance schedule easier to keep track of.  Unfortunately for our friends in California, the WEN generator is NOT CARB compliant and not for sale or use in California. Read the rest of this entry

champion 73536i main viewThe Champion 73536i Inverter Generator just may be the best value in this inverter power range.  The popularity based on consumer reviews rivals the royalty of the inverter generators market.  The Yamaha and Honda versions of this size inverter are universally acclaimed, but the Champion Power Equipment 73536i is as well liked AND at much less the cost.

The features and benefits are what you would expect.  At 2000 watts peak power and 1700 running watts, you will be able to power most devices and tools, as well as keep the necessities running during a power outage.

Of course this is not the one that you will rely on to power your house during those emergency power failures, but this unit, like other inverter generators are famous for their other benefits.  I think as you read on, you’ll agree with me that Champion was a winner here.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from this company.  All of their portable generators are quality.

SineWaveInverter generators are the choice for powering sensitive electronic equipment, including computers and medical equipment. They deliver AC power in the form of pure sine waves which are cleaner and more reliable than most generator power sources. For supplying power to emergency medical equipment, I would consider nothing else.  Add to that, inverter generators are lighter and the quietest generators, and you can see why this generator is so popular.


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Yamaha EF2000iS front viewThe Yamaha EF2000iS is one of the most popular portable inverter generators on the market.  Yes inverter generators are more expensive than standard portable generators.  And compared to a standard 4000watt generator, you often get half as much power for 2-3 times the cost.

Do the benefits outweigh the cost?  Read on.  You are the only one who can make that decision.  The benefits are that for delivering 2000 watts peak power, this inverter generator is much quieter, lighter and fuel efficient than a similarly powered non-inverter generator.

Inverter generators are the choice for powering sensitive electronic equipment, including computers.  They deliver AC power in the form of pure sine waves which are cleaner and more reliable than most generator power sources.  For supplying power to emergency medical equipment, I would consider nothing else.

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DuroMax XP4400E front viewThe DuroMax XP4400E is the most popular mid-range portable generator on the market.  The features to price ratio makes this an obvious choice for those wanting good power with a few bells and whistles not available on other similarly priced offerings.

Some of the features to jump out at you as “value-added” are the electric start feature, DC availability, dual voltage capability (120/240), and a generous 4400 watt peak power over its 3500 running watts for appliances with a lot of on and off usage.

Top that off with an included wheel kit for easy portability and you can see why it is a favorite for all types of user needs.

If you were considering hooking this model to your household power supply via a transfer switch, the wattage may be a bit too low, but at least it has the 4-prong outlet (NEMA L14-30R) that most transfer switches require for more than 4 circuits. Remember to use a certified electrician to perform this task.

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generac xg8000e main viewThe Generac XG8000E is among the most popular generators in the 7000 – 10000 watt category.  The XG series along with the XP series of Generac generators are one of the few US made generators utilizing a US made engine.  This Generac unit also comes in the Generac XP8000E.  The best 8000 watt generator on the market?  You decide – I have.

In fact, the engine which Generac calls the OHVI was made specifically for the generator market rather than using cross-over lawn mower motors.  Most generators in this power output use the engines made in China, including some of the lower end Generacs.

made in americaIt is the oil delivery system that highlights this generator.  Nearly all generators utilize a splash delivery system whereas The XG series utilizes a spin on pressurized oil lubrication system like the type used in automobiles.  This and the cast iron sleeve cylinders means this generac 8000 watt generator was built to last.  You should get several years of reliable service.

You may be using this bad boy for many years to come.

Read on as I detail the many features and benefits that make this the generator of choice when you need all the power that you can get for running your household in an emergency, or as a workhouse on job sites.  Yes the price is a bit more than other generators in this power range, but you’ve heard it before, “You Get What You Pay For.”  It is my intention to provide one of the best Generac generator reviews here, as you’ll see this is the #1 8000 watt generator on the market.

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Champion 46539 main viewThe Champion 46539 made by Champion Power Equipment has several benefits over similar powered portable generators.  It has all of the features of a similar 4,000 Watt generator, but the extras make this model a popular choice even over similar powered portable Champion generators.

This Champion unit is a great choice for the outdoorsman for its remote electric start feature alone, let alone its RV Receptacle.  Its “Intelligauge” offers quick reading of not only volts, but also Hertz and operating hours.  These provide much more value than most mid-range portable generators.   And yes, this Champion generator IS CARB compliant for sale in all 50 states.


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