Westinghouse WH7500E main viewGrouping portable generators into three wattage groups, the Westinghouse WH7500E is at the top of category three in popularity.  Category three being the range of 7000 watts to 10000 watts.  At 7500 running watts and 9000 starting watts, it is on the higher end of power for periodic home use.  It has enough power capacity to power most of your essentials during a power outage and enough to actually hook into your home’s power supply via transfer switch, without wishing you had more power.

Add to this the electric start with included battery, 120V/240V power, an included wheel kit, and even an hour meter. At a reasonable price for the power and features, plus the name Westinghouse, and you have the reason for its popularity.

amazon-us-tall-orangeThe model reviewed here is not CARB compliant, but Westinghouse makes a variety of portable generators in different wattage outputs and has CARB compliant models.


Westinghouse generators are perfect for protecting you and your family for those unexpected power outages.  With its power and versatility, it is a great choice for job site work.  This model is a bit large for tailgating or tent camping, but would give your RV all the power it needs.

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1. Power Considerations – Wattage
2. Engine Type and Fuel Considerations
3. Starting Mechanism
4. Oil Usage Considerations
5. Outlets and Meters
6. Noise Level – Portability
7. Warranty
8. What’s in the Box
9. Dimensions/ Weight
10. Pros and Cons
11. Consumer Reviews
12. Price
13. Summary

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The Review…

Power Considerations – Wattage

The Westinghouse model provides 7500 running watts and 9000 starting watts.  This amount of power is enough for most households during outages, and a good amount for job site application.  I consider this in the upper range of portable generator power.  If you look at the wattage estimator table, you can see that 7500 watts will power many devices, even with the extra surge requirements of some appliances.  Remember that you’re typically not starting more all of your surge requirements at one time.

Since there are enough watts to power most of your household necessities in an outage, this generator is a good choice to hook up to your homes power panel.  You will need a transfer switch (10 circuits rather than 6 recommended).  Reliant and Generac models of transfer switch are popular.  Unless you are proficient in electrical wiring, you should hire a certified electrician to install it for you.  Incorrect installation can damage your generator, your home’s electrical hardware, and YOU.  Additionally, improperly installed, it could be hazardous to electrical line workers.  But done right, when you experience a power outage, you’d simply plug it in, start it up, flip the breaker on your unit, and turn on the transfer switch.  Your house then has power without the need to run extension cords.  Read about the extension cords that you should consider on this site here.

The Westinghouse family of generators have automatic voltage regulation which provides reliable and precise voltage control for demanding applications. One reviewer states, “One thing I can verify (as I am an electrical engineer), is that the Westinghouse does have excellent output voltage regulation (126 volts) right up to the 7500 watt rating when it trips the circuit breaker”.   Some portable generators reviews (some for Westinghouse) complain that they can’t reach the listed running watts before it shuts down.

Like most non-inverter generators, supplying power to your sensitive electronic equipment (computers or medical devices) is not recommended due to the inherent uneven sine wave AC.  One reviewer called the company and was told that the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the sine wave was 9%.  You need less than 5% THD as supplied by inverter generators, or should take precautions such as using an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) device.

As you notice, this Westinghouse generator does NOT come with DC ability for charging your 12V batteries.  The battery is for starting your engine..

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Engine Type and Fuel Considerations

The manufacturer of the Westinghouse portable generators is Westpro Power Systems, LLC, in Pewaukee, WI.  You might assume that the engine is therefore US made, which many think it is.  It is from what I understand made by MTD in China.  They make engines for workhorse tasks like riding mowers and snow blowers, so dependability should not be an issue.  The main complaint when engines are assembled and shipped from China is that they are often cosmetically damaged even though the shipping box is intact.  This model has cast iron components where other companies might use plastic parts.

It is important to note that this reviewed model is not CARB compliant for our friends in California.  Westpro does make a CARB compliant model, WH7500EC, but I understand that this model is being discontinued.

The Westinghouse model reviewed here, is powered by a high output, durable 420cc Westinghouse XP Series engine.  The 4-cycle, overhead valve design provides for excellent performance, and has cast iron cylinder sleeves for low oil consumption, long life and durability.  The pistons and connecting rods are forged for proven strength.  The 420cc engine is said to generate 16 HP.

As with most portable generators, it runs a minimum of 3600 rpm necessary to produce its 60Hz.  There is no idle down as it runs at its constant speed.  When you add a load, you’ll hear it rev up to maintain its speed engine speed to produce the consistent current.

The low loss, high efficiency alternator laminations increase electrical output and decrease fuel consumption.   The AC alternator is a brushless design, so there is no maintenance, just keep it clean.

Its cast iron fan guard ensures safe operation and is a welcome feature over some of the plastic parts on many similar portable generators.

Westinghouse WH7500E gas tankThe gas tank will hold 6.6 gallons of fuel.  The fuel gauge gives you a quick view of fuel level to take the guesswork out of when to refill.  Recommended fuel is unleaded gasoline with a minimum 87 octane and maximum 10% ethanol content.

On a full tank of gas, and running at 50% load, you can expect it to run for a continuous 13 hours.

When you want to store the unit, as with all other gas powered portable generators, you should add appropriate fuel stabilizer.  As few as 2 months storage can result in gumming up the fuel lines and carburetor.  It is recommended to shut off the fuel supply and run the engine until it stops.  There is NO fuel line drain as in some portable generators, so if you DID want to empty the tank, you’ll have to siphon out what you can (recommended) or turn the unit over (not recommended).

Westinghouse Portable Generator Comparison Table

Running Watts32505500600065007500
Starting Watts37506750750080009000
Engine208cc Westinghouse OHV357cc Westinghouse OHV357cc Westinghouse OHV420cc Westinghouse OHV420cc Westinghouse OHV
Outlets (120/240)none
L14-30R 120/240 twistL14-30R 120/240 twistL14-30R 120/240 twistL14-30R 120/240 twist
Outlets (120)Four 5-20R 120VFour 5-20R 120VFour 5-20R 120VFour 5-20R 120VFour 5-20R 120V
StartingManualManualManualManual and electricManual and electric
Hour MeternonenonenonenoneMulti-function LCD
Fuel Tank4 gallons6.6 gallons6.6 gallons6.6 gallons6.6 gallons
Run Time (@ 50% Load)14 hours14 hours13 hours13 hours12 hours
Portability Kit10-inch solid wheels included10-inch solid wheels included10-inch solid wheels included10-inch solid wheels included10-inch solid wheels included
Compare the WH7500E with other popular Westinghouse Portable Generators. The WH3250, WH5500, WH7500E are available in CARB compliant versions as is their biggest 10kPRO model. WH6000S is a "storm" model and includes a 25 foot 120V240V extension cord for the L14-30R receptacle with four 3-prong receptacles on the other end.

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Starting MechanismWestinghouse WH7500E start

This model generator includes the electric start feature or can be manually started with the easy pull recoil start rope with the comfort grip handle.  We don’t all have the strength required to start a portable generator with the recoil feature.  Think of the fairer sex (OK I’m generalizing here), or think of the elderly.  When you need the power, you don’t want to have to go ask a neighbor to start it for you.

All Westinghouse generators come with EZ start color-coded starting controls.  This reviewed model has the color yellow on everything you need to start the engine (fuel valve, choke, recoil,  etc.)

The three position electric start allows for easy operation.  The toggle easily switches from “stop” on one end, “start” on the other, and “run” in the middle.  The toggle moves from “start” to “run” when you release it.  On push is all it takes.  If it doesn’t start in less than 5 seconds, release, wait 15 seconds and try again (but you won’t have to).  If the engine labors when trying to start, check the charge on the battery (included when you purchase the unit).


The battery charges when the motor runs, so if necessary, you might have to manually start if the battery needs charging.  Believe it or not, some electric start generators do not automatically charge their starting battery. The unit has a transistorized ignition.

When it’s time, replace the spark plug with a Champion RN9YC plug or equivalent. (AutoLite 63, Bosch WR7DS, Torch F6RTC)

Westinghouse WH7500E recoil start
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Oil Usage Considerations

Yes it’s a 4-cycle engine.  That means, yes there is an oil reservoir.  And YES, in the box, this unit comes with the oil (0.6L 20oz) that you need to fill the 20 oz. oil reservoir.  No need to make a quick trip to the auto parts store before you can fire it up out of the box.

The recommended oil for this and most portable generators depends on the operating temperature.  For most temperatures you use 10W-30 (for between zero degrees and 100 degrees).  You can use SAE 30 at between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Change the oil after the first several hours when using the unit for the first time, “just in case” there are any metal shavings from manufacture.  Then change on a regular basis as prescribed in the maintenance section below.

The engine is equipped with a low oil shutdown switch. If the oil level becomes low, the engine will shut down and will not start until the oil is filled to the proper level.  Unfortunately, there is no low oil warning light to let you know that the level is low.  If you check the oil before each use as recommended, low oil shutdown would be infrequent if at all.

Filling the oil is standard in an easily accessible filling orifice with a color coded cap.  Oil draining is by removing a hex nut, also easily accessible.  The oil drain hole is high enough on the Westinghouse so that more than just the shallowest drain pans can be used.  Kitty litter makes a great absorbent.

Westinghouse thinks of you, their customer by providing what you need, if not in building the features that you might hope for.  For example, it is one of the few portable generator companies that supply an oil fill funnel.   An inexpensive feature, but a nice touch none-the-less.

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Outlets and Meters

Westinghouse WH7500E panelThe power panel is nicely laid out with color coding making the use intuitive.  It features two 120 volt push-button circuit breakers for over current protection.  Each circuit breaker is coded for the two outlets that it serves.  There is a toggled mainline 240 volt circuit breaker for safe operation for both running the unit on its own and for when hooked up to your home,s power supply panel.

There are four (4) 5-20R 120V outlets and one (1) L14-30R 120/240V Twist-lock outlet for bigger jobs or running a few devices with a multi-outlet extension cord.  Westinghouse extension cord

The multi-function LCD meter tells you run time hours.  The low oil alert is presumably indicated on this meter, but is not confirmed.

The run/stop toggle is conveniently located on the panel, and since this model is electric start, the start feature is on this toggle.

As mentioned before, there is no DC and therefor no DC outlet.

Of course the grounding terminal is prominently situated for ease of attachment.  Knowing that most users neglect to properly ground the unit when operating, the ground on the Westinghouse units (an nearly all portable generators) is bonded neutral.

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Noise Level – Portability

The WH7500E provides quiet operation via Westinghouse’s Pulse-Flo muffler.  The noise is not officially rated and is not listed in decibels by the manufacturer.  There are many reviewers who state that this unit is quieter than others in its class, and several said it is quieter than even smaller units.  A dB rating was stated by a reviewer at 69 – 71. These ratings are not often standard but usually are taken at just over 20 feet away or 7 meters.  I don’t think you’ll consider this unit “loud”.

This is a large watt generator and is accordingly heavy.   At over 200 pounds, it should and does come with a transportation kit.  The kit is easily assembled by following the simple directions in the manual.  The color pictures in the manual is another nice touch by Westpro.

The combination of ergonomically designed dual folding handles and robust never-flat tires provide easy transportation to and from job sites or moving it from storage to where you want to set it up outside your home.  Featuring an all-steel construction and fully enclosed electrical connections, the WH7500E can withstand the harshest environments and weather.  Although Westpro makes a “storm” model WH6000S, portable generators should not be used exposed to rain or snow.

The muffler is equipped with an approved spark arrester.  Our friends in the Forestry Departments will require it, and you’ll have piece of mind.Westinghouse WH7500E wheels

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The Westinghouse generators are backed by an industry leading 3-year limited warranty.  Westpro is confident in the quality of its parts.  www.westpropower.com

The consumer warranty is different than the commercial warranty as might be expected.  Household or recreational use warrants parts and labor for 1 year from the date of purchase and parts for 3 years from date of purchase.  For income producing uses (commercial), the warranty stops at 1 year for parts and labor from the date of purchase.

The maintenance schedule is standard:

  • Check oil before each use.  Change oil at 20 hours and every 50 hours or 3 months thereafter.
  • Check and clean the cooling features before each use.
  • Check and clean the air filter regularly and replace after 300 hours or every year.
  • Check and clean the spark plug after 100 hours/6 months, and replace after 300 hours or every year.
  • Check and clean the spark arrester every 100 hours/6 months.
  • Check and clean the fuel filter every 100 hours/6 months.
  • Check the Idle speed 300  hours/1 year.

Be sure to register when you purchase it, or Westpro will start the assumed warranty period from the date of manufacture which could be many months before you purchased it.

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What’s in the BoxWestinghouse WH7500E in box

  • Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator
  • Wheel Kit including tires, handles/grips, mounting feet/pads
  • Tool kit and tool bag (to assemble wheel kit)
  • Spark plug wrench
  • 10W-30 oil (20 oz.)
  • Oil fill funnel
  • Manual easy to ready illustrated with colored pictures.

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Dimensions/Weight of the Westinghouse WH7500E


  • L – 27.2 inches
  • W – 20.5 inches
  • H – 22 inches


  • 201 pounds

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Pros and Cons

pro icon



  • Electric Start
  • Wheel Kit
  • LCD hour run time meter
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Low Oil Shutoff
  • Fantastic Consumer Reviews
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeves and fan guard
  • Low Noise
  • Oil and funnel include
  • 120V240V output
  • 3 Year parts warranty (consumer)
  • spark arrester


con icon



  • No DC charging
  • No gasoline drain
  • No voltage meter


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Consumer Reviews

With the popularity of this model, you can rest assured that is because it is initially loved for the brand name, features and price.  The fact that it remains a bestseller over the years shows that consumers are happy with this generator and are not afraid to tell others.  Not only does it sell well to new users, but repurchases tells the true story.

Users love the dependability and ease of use with the electric start feature.  Many reviews praised the generator as exceeding their expectations.  In fact on Amazon,at the time of this writing, in over 125 reviews, 97 gave it 5-Stars.  Only 6 review were 3-Stars or fewer.

Read more consumer reviews directly from Amazon here:  Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator

Average Rating: 4.7 Stars

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The price of the this and other Westinghouse gen-sets varies depending on where you buy it but Amazon tends to have the lowest price.

Check current pricing discounts:


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After reviewing the Westinghouse WH7500E, I confirm that it’s a great choice for someone looking for a dependable portable generator with upper-level wattage needs.  Whether used for household or job site, many have owned theirs for years, with it performing nicely when they needed it most.  During the many days of power outages during recent hurricanes the suitability to hook this into your home’s power supply make this a convenient workhorse.  The electric start feature is a blessing for the variety of users who need one.  Westinghouse is a trusted name in consumer electronics for several decades.  The reputation is well earned.

It’s a great choice for the home or commercial use.  The outdoorsman, and especially the RV’r will find that it is plenty of power even for the air conditioner.  Versatility and peace of mind.  You want it to be ready when you need it.

You will not be disappointed with this portable generator.  the overwhelming majority of owners rate this portable generator 5-Stars with over 100 reviews on Amazon alone.

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